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  1. มีบริการไหม Yes
  2. is this a best yes no service ? No
  3. มีบริการไหม No
  4. is anybody home ? No
  5. Паша уже идет домой ? No
  6. Will my son go in Artek? No
  7. Will I swim in the sea? No
  8. Will my vacations be cool? No
  9. well is color good ? No
  10. bg is good ? Yes
  11. hello there, yeah ? No
  12. may i make beta ? No
  13. is it work perfect ? Yes
  14. where we are Yes
  15. which is ? No
  16. is are me ? Yes
  17. may i ask ? No
  18. where wea re No
  19. where wea re No


Have you ever made a choice? If so, you should know how difficult it is. When you need to ask a difficult question and make a decision... What to do? How to behave? Nobody knows how to make a choice and choose the best way. Especially it is important to make a choice when you have several ways to choose. Well, just imagine that you are choosing the best restraurant for family dinner. What place to choose? How to choose? Sometimes the choice can be so difficult that you’d better not to go at all.

What to do? That’s the simplest decision. Just go to the YES / NO site and ask your question. It doesn’t matter what answer you will get. It matters if you like or doesn’t like this answer.

For example, you want to have a pet. But you can’t choose: a cat or a dog to have. And your question is “Shall I choose a cat?” Or “Shall I choose a dog?” You ask your question and get the answer. Let it be “No”. What does this mean? It depends. If you feel happy and you asked about cat, you’d better choose a cat as a pet. But if you feel unhappy, it’s obviously that it’s better for you to get a dog, not a cat.

Now you know how this site works. Sometimes people use it to decide where to go to have dinner. Or what cuisine to choose. Or just to understand what they feel about the topic.

Are there other similar sites in the Net? Lets see...

Oh, yes, there are several sites. Most of them use the wheel to answer your questions:

  2. Best Yes-No roulette of thw world, because I made it ))

  4. To get yes/no answer, you have to spin the wheel. That’s really funny! Try it! You shouldn’t even write your question.

  6. Here, you have to push the “Click here” button. Simple and clear. You get your answer in a second. And you also neendn’t to write your question.


To get the answer, you have to write your question. And after that you can get yes or no answer.

On my site you also must write your question. And you can see all the questions people have asked before. I think that it is funny and interesting. And I say “You are welcome to YES/NO site!”

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